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So the charts the last week of September, have just come out, and taking the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart is Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae, with his new album Anomaly. This is a big moment not only for Lecrae, but also for Christian music as whole.

That genre itself is niche enough when you look at popular music today, but for a christian rap artist to make it to number one in the Billboard 200 chart is unheard of. What’s more impressive, Lecrae, who until recently was virtually unknown outside of the christian rap scene, has achieved this without having ever has a single featured in the Billboard Top 100 singles chart. Another impressive feat, Anomaly is the first album to be #1 on all three of the Billboard Top 200, Gospel, and Christian charts at the same time.

A unique aspect of Lecrae’s artistry is his faith. When thinking of rap music, many people think of thugs singing songs about sex, drugs, and violence. Christianity plays an unmistakeable role in Lecrae’s music, and his songs often touch on themes such as being blessed, feeling content with what you have, and the importance of God in his life, unlike any of the other high profile rappers of today.

A unique aspect of Lecrae’s artistry is his faith.

So what is so special about Lecrae? He makes music that is indicative of what’s happening in the genres of rap and hip-hop right now. Sure, the lyrical content of his work may be quite different from that of popular secular rappers, but musically his work is reflective of what is stylish in today’s top rap songs. It is modern, and the songs on Anomaly would be complimentary to any playlist of recent chart topping hip hop tracks. Lecrae is also starting to make more of a name for himself. His last album, Gravity, made it to #3 on the Billboard 200, and people are becoming more aware of him.

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