The UnMiracle

“The UnMiracle” is a gripping drama about keeping hope alive when there is no reason to. It features a compelling story about a popular girl, Kayla (Blythe Baird), who overdoses and lies in a coma, while her family and friends hope against hope that she will recover. The movie is adorned with some well-known actors, including Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Sorbo.

This story shows high school teens who are up against drug dealers and broken homes. One character named Mike left a war behind and can’t keep the violent images out of his head. A former user, Joe (Kevin Sorbo), and a young man in the group reaches out to others with Christ’s love.

The movie features drug use and dealing, as well as an overdose and has some objectionable material, but contains a faith-based message. Its message is that you are not alone and that Jesus is present. This film could be a powerful tool in reaching young adults.

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Sorbo, Amy Lyndon, Connor Williams, Mitch Johnston
Director: Andrew Papke
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