Meet: Will Restrepo

We caught up with young rising star, Will Restrepo – The UnMIRACLE.  The story centers around how a small town reacts to the accidental drug overdose of the most popular school girl. Seven interweaving storylines explore different journeys toward Jesus’ love and redemption. Meet Will the mind behind this powerful, life-changing film.

In a few sentences, what is UnMIRACLE about?

The UnMiracle is about a group of people in different stages of their lives; and in very different relationships with God. Through certain circumstances each character has to face challenges that force them to think more critically and deeper about their place in the world.

What first attracted you to the script of this movie?  What aspect of the story first jumped out at you?

I first auditioned for the film as an extra. I knew very little about the script aside from the fact that it was a Christian Film about a group of teens who struggled in different ways after a party that goes awry. This jumped out at me because it was a film that I believed could show a much more modern take on faith in the lives of teens today.

Do you have a favorite memory from the filming?

One of my favorite memories from the filming of the UnMiracle was during a break before the filming of one of the scenes. I had my lavalier microphone on and was whistling the theme song of The Greatest American Hero when Andy Papke (the director of the film) came over to me and asked me if I had seen the show since I was whistling the tune. I told him yes I had as well as all of the MacGyver series, Knight Rider, Mork and Mindy, and other shows. This got Andy cracking up and gave us lots of great old TV shows to talk about for the rest of the time filming the UnMiracle.

Were you able to be on set with Kevin Sorbo and/or Stephen Baldwin? How was that experience?

I was lucky enough to be able to have been on set with both Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin. They were both very interesting people with lots of stories to tell and helpful advice to give. I loved that they were open about their relationship with God.  It was a pleasure to work with each and every cast and crew member of the UnMiracle and I will treasure this experience always.

What do you hope people take away after watching the film?

The UnMiracle is very unique in the way that it portrays Christians and people of all different beliefs, as well as how faith can affect others on an everyday basis. By the end of the film, I hope people will think a little more critically about what things in their lives may be UnMiracles, how they can make a difference in others lives just by being honest people, and most likely ask the question What Would Jesus Do more often than they did previously… maybe even invest in a bracelet with the acronym on it!

What’s next for you?

Next I will be transferring to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA to continue pursuing my undergraduate education as a sophomore. I plan on studying Anthropology and Sociology and pick up some Religious Studies courses where I can. I am also pursuing photography in my spare time. I haven’t been as involved in theatre and film recently since photography has become my main artistic interest.

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