Actions Speak Louder than Words

 The True Definition of Love Today

Actions speak louder than words. Many people claim to be in love. However, the actions that a person takes speaks volumes about the authenticity of their feelings. Today, people need to see that someone has affection for them. If a person does in fact love you, then they will want to help you. If the individual cares to listen to your problems and tries to find ways to help you with them, then they are showing you that they love you.

Many people confuse lust for love. People can become crazy in love which can blind them to the fact that they might be in love with someone that will never reciprocate those feelings in the same way. Love is about doing your best to make someone else’s day better. Many people live stressful lives. The role of a significant other is to do whatever they can to minimize the stress so that people feel cared for.

Small actions such as sending an email via poem, bringing a person lunch at work, impulsively buying a gift and doing chores at home can help to show love. People are not usually focused on monetary things when they think of the word love. Love is knowing that you have someone that has your back. If a person cannot be trusted and they think only of themselves, then this is not a situation where love can thrive.

Many women talk themselves into believing that they are in love because they do not want to be alone. Society has put a lot of pressure on to women to have it all. Love cannot be rushed. Think of it similar to a job interview. A person has to prove themselves to get the job. In this case, your partner needs to show through their own actions every day, not just on birthdays and holidays that they are there for you. This is what love is all about.

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