5 Ways to Know You’re Addicted to Electronics

In the past Tech toys were more embraced by men but with women out there foraging for their dreams and pursuing them down every corner and drainage that their dreams take them, they have also started to embrace technology to make their lives more manageable as well as the electronics that come with them. However, as these gadgets continue to prove their worth in the day to day life they are also dominating lives inch by inch finally consuming it.

Here are five signs that you can use to draw that line.


1. You take at least one gadget everywhere you go.

While you may defend yourself and say you really need it, taking your phone or laptop to the bathroom or to bed is not necessary no matter how long you will be in there. Carrying at least one electronic virtually everywhere even when you’re in the kitchen is a sign that you may be addicted to them.

2. You have alarms running your life and freak out when you get a car without GPS.

This might sound sensible. Actually, it is! However, you don’t need an alarm to tell when to eat or when to patch up your make up and honestly, you could live without GPS in your car. Most people do.

3. You have two or more electronic devices within your reach every time.

If you throw your hand in your hand bag and are more likely to pull out a phone or a tablet or any other electronic for that matter at random than you’re likely to pull out your lip gloss at any time, then that is a sign you’re addicted to electronics.

4. You’re more concerned about your gadgets than your life.

Do you always proclaim, “I don’t know what I would do without my phone!” or laptop or tablet or would you jump into a razing house to save your laptop or jump in front of a bus to save your phone? If your answer is yes, then that is another sign.

5. On a monthly budget you have a category for your electronics.

Now, if you’re at this level you may have to seek professional help before you starve yourself to death. If you have a budget set aside for your electronics (which in most cases is even more than that of food) then without a doubt, you’re addicted to your electronics.

The only thing that is more important than knowing if you’re addicted to your gadgets is being able to do something about it. Engaging in physical activities like yoga and taking nature walks is a great way of parting you from your devices and in little bits you will soon be able to overcome your addiction.

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